What is try and catch?

well, try and catch are called error handling methods. why we need this? Because none one wants the script to be crashed. But there’s a syntax construct try..catch that allows us to “catch” errors so the script can do something more reasonable. Errors are the most common friends in our daily life. we have to meet and deal with them. some can be handle in run time, some may not and some may occur in a specific situation. But as a good programmer, we should deal with every type of error that can occur. Enough talk !. …

Javascript is called the weirdest language. But if u really understand how it works you will love the language. Besides these things are also important for interview questions. If you are preparing for an interview or want to learn and think in a javascript way, this blog is for you.

What will we learn?

Truthy Vs Falsy | Null vs Undefined | == vs === | ForEach vs Map Method| Find vs Filter method | Array Methods (Slice and Splice) | Object Methods ( bind, call . …

What is React |Why React is a library, not a framework|Why learn to React |React Virtual Dom | Diffing Algorithm | What is JSX |What is babel | React Performance | Proptypes in React | Default Props |

What is React and why we call it a library, not a framework?

One crucial distinction between libraries like React and frameworks like Ember.js and AngularJS is that React is concerned only with rendering the UI and leaves many things up to each project to put together. This means you have the ability to implement your other favourites libraries like Redux, MobX for state management and Axios for fetching data from API and other tools…

Top 10 Most Used Javascript Strings and Numbers methods:

Javascript is a hot programming language now. As a beginner, we should learn javascript in an effective way. A well-understood javascript programmer needs time for understanding all the methods and master them. But as a beginner, you will need these a lot

Strings: Strings are useful for holding data that can be represented in text form. It is widely used in our daily life.

How to create a string in javascript??

It’s so simple just declare a variable and assign value to it. You can use let, const, var before declaring a variable

console.log(txt) // output:"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ";

Another way to declare string with string()…

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